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Inaugural Baton Rouge Analytics User Group Meeting

Greetings everyone! 


It’s finally here!  It is with great excitement that we announce the first South Louisiana Analytics User Group meeting!    This meeting is open to any and all who are interested in business analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling, traditional business intelligence, and everything in between.  During our first meeting, we will gather opinions about format and schedule moving forward.  


This group is for both technical and business users - please forward this message to anyone you know who might be interested!


Microsoft Power BI: Case Studies I

Andy Parkerson, Web Develper

The popular thing today is the deep dive, where an entire hour or two is spent fully dissecting one very specific area of code. Those lucky enough to understand the beginning of the talk will invariably become lost at some point, until only the speaker and the lucky few who have similarly devoted their lives in such arcane study remain. We have chosen to take a separate path. In the first of a seemingly never-ending series of presentations, we will stick to the shallows. Using the case study approach, we will look at solving one single problem using one single method. We will then race on to the next problem, lest our feet get too wet.

About Andy:
Andy works at the leading eCommerce site for luxury outdoor kitchens. He is currently involved in BI development using data to make business decisions. He is active in the community with the Baton Rouge Analytics User Group ( ). He enjoys grilling and smoking, and currently owns more grills than his wife approves of.

Not all chicken fingers are alike! Lessons learned in supply chain measurement

Craig Silvey, Director Of Business Development Sparkhound, Inc.

Lessons learned in supply chain measurement

About Craig:

What do YOU need from a User Group

Balaji Nedurumalli, Head of Business Intelligence & Data Sciences Alliance Safety Council

We want to know what we are all here for. What topics do you want covered? What technologies are you interested in? What do you use analytics for, and what would you like to be able to do? When do you want to speak?

About Balaji:

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