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Baton Rouge Analytics User Group Meeting

The February meeting of the Baton Rouge Analytics User Group.

<h2>Business Sprint</h2> <h3>Visualizing FIRE: A Couple’s Journey to Financial Independence with Tableau</h3>

Katie Wagner, Training Lead InterWorks

“How much did I spend on beer this month? Are my vehicle expenses significantly more than just fuel? Will I reach my retirement goal?" Share in Katie's introduction to the Financial Independence Retire Early community through data-driven action. Learn about methods of collecting data, struggles of data cleanliness, and fighting cognitive dissonance surrounding household finances.

About Katie:
From a young age, Katie has been fascinated by puzzles. As an Analytics Consultant, data has enabled her to piece together solutions through visualizations. She spent five years at Louisiana State University, completing both a bachelor’s degree in information systems and decision sciences as well as a master’s degree in analytics. During college, she developed an interest in healthcare from part-time jobs in durable medical equipment sales, medical billing and home health services. A native of Ville Platte, LA, Katie is a proud Cajun! Contrary to popular belief, however, she does not wrestle alligators in her backyard. She prides herself in creating great Cajun dishes and can think of no better way to spend a free evening than at a crawfish boil. When she’s not wrapped up in the newest dystopian novel, she spends her free time improving her piano and sand volleyball skills. A recent recruit to America’s Pastime, her current mission is to find other Atlanta Braves fans across the country. Katie travels with InterWorks as an analytical road warrior, but she always looks forward to visiting her family back at home.

<h2>Technical Sprint</h2><h3>Springtime for Optimization</h3>

Andy Parkerson, Web Develper

What good is an awesome analysis method if you use terrible variables? Guessing at what value alpha and beta should have will give you pretty pictures, but not much useful data. We want to be a bit more deliberate in our choices for parameters. As such, let's look at several optimization methods, such as Nelder-Mead, Genetic algorithm, and Particle Swarm. Not only do these have neat names ("simplex!", "chromosomes!", "wasps!") they are relatively easy to implement. No heavy coding or deep dives into mathematical proof here. Only a lot of intuitive ideas and pretty pictures.

About Andy:
Andy works at the leading eCommerce site for luxury outdoor kitchens. He is currently involved in BI development using data to make business decisions. He is active in the community with the Baton Rouge Analytics User Group ( ). He enjoys grilling and smoking, and currently owns more grills than his wife approves of.

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