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Baton Rouge Analytics User Group Meeting


I am pleased to announce the next BRAUG meeting scheduled for 3/21/2019.

Topics have been picked based on the members' survey feedback. We will also introduce the 'Brain Dates' component during networking; The categories of Brain Dates are also based on the feedback and concentration of interests.

About BRAUG: This group is for both technical and business users - any and all who are interested in business analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling, traditional business intelligence, and everything in between. Please share this information with others who might be interested.

You may bring in your BI problems and we'll add it to the queue and discuss as time allows after the presentations are over.

<h2>Business Sprint</h2><h3>Analytics Use Cases using Tableau & Alteryx</h3>

Balaji Nedurumalli, Head of Analytics Alliance Safety Council

In this session, we will look at some implementations of analytics using tools like Tableau and Alteryx. Some topics you may expect in this session include Market Basket Analysis, Geographical behavior & Price Sensitivity, Tom Tom drive time & distance data usage, Dun & Bradstreet data, Alteryx workflows for predictive analytics & variable reduction. As time permits, we can cover more implementations or dissect dashboards of interest.

About Balaji:
Balaji’s role at his company is to drive strategic decisions based on data and intel. He started his career as a systems programmer and gradually wore multiple hats in IT department before taking focus on Business Development, Strategy and Business Intelligence. He has Masters degrees in Business Administration, Engineering, Analytics that allows him to see things in different perspective.

<h2>Technical Sprint</h2><h3>Data Visualization with Power BI – From Varied Datasets to Polished Dashboards</h3>

Andy Parkerson, Web Develper

We often find our data spread across a wide assortment of places: a collection of Excel spreadsheets, a SQL server, maybe even a web API. Let's harness Power BI to connect all of that data together and bring one coherent story out of it. From start to finish we will connect with the data, build some relationships, create some DAX measures, and the develop a dashboard to visualize the whole lot.

About Andy:
Andy works at the leading eCommerce site for luxury outdoor kitchens. He is currently involved in BI development using data to make business decisions. He is active in the community with the Baton Rouge Analytics User Group ( ). He enjoys grilling and smoking, and currently owns more grills than his wife approves of.

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