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July Meeting of Baton Rouge Analytics User Group

The next BRAUG meeting is scheduled for 7/25/2019. Topics are being picked based on the members' survey feedback.  This group is for both technical and business users - any and all who are interested in business analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling, traditional business intelligence, and everything in between.  Please share this information with others who might be interested. You may bring in your BI problems and we'll add it to the queue and discuss as time allows after the presentations are over.

I Can See the Future! Exploring Holt-Winters Forecasting

Andy Parkerson, Web Develper

We will discuss the Holt-Winters method of Exponential Triple Smoothing. This algorithm will be presented in Python, but the code is easily ported to any desired language -- even Excel! We will delve into how the forecasting model is built, and how it can be used.

About Andy:
Andy works at the leading eCommerce site for luxury outdoor kitchens. He is currently involved in BI development using data to make business decisions. He is active in the community with the Baton Rouge Analytics User Group ( ). He enjoys grilling and smoking, and currently owns more grills than his wife approves of.

Predictive Model starting from data set

Jack Holloway

Predictive Model starting from data set

About Jack:

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