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June Meeting of Baton Rouge Analytics User Group

The next BRAUG meeting is scheduled for 6/27/2019. Topics are being picked based on the members' survey feedback.  This group is for both technical and business users - any and all who are interested in business analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling, traditional business intelligence, and everything in between.  Please share this information with others who might be interested. You may bring in your BI problems and we'll add it to the queue and discuss as time allows after the presentations are over.

Great advice I’ve gotten along my journey

Darrell Broussard, Director of Provider Data & Analytics Louisiana Healthcare Connections


About Darrell:
Darrell Broussard is the Director of Provider Data and Analytics at Louisiana Healthcare Connections, one of the managed care organizations in Louisiana that serves both mediciad and medicare families throughout the state. He is a three time graduate of Louisiana State University, including an MBA from the Flores MBA Program. Over the course of his career, he’s existed at the intersection of data, process and projects in organizations like Albemarle Corporations and Louisiana State University.


Michael Treadwell, Data Engineering Lead InterWorks

Michael will walk us through the Snowflake implementation and features.

About Michael:
I became interested in analytics while studying two-sided matching problems, which serve as models to optimize market interactions. After earning my master’s in business analytics at Louisiana State University I got hired to solve problems using awesome technologies. I've been an Alteryx user now for six years and an Alteryx ACE for three. I am a data engineering lead an the Alteryx practice lead at InterWorks.

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