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Upcoming Meeting Details:




September Meeting of Baton Rouge Analytics & Intelligence Network

  • In-Person @ 10099 N Rieger Rd Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States (map)
  • 17:30 - 20:00 Central Daylight Time
  • Language: English
  • RSVP URL: None

The next BRAIN meeting is scheduled for 9/26/2019 which also happens to be the ANNIVERSARY! We will celebrate BRAIN's 1-year anniversary and the event should be (even more) fun, engaging and insightful! 

BRAIN Anniversary Details:

Balaji Nedurumalli, Head of Analytics Alliance Safety Council

We will introduce the executive committee members, cut a cake and do some fun activities (maybe a quiz!). Interactive opportunity to learn about BRAIN and win cool swag. Be sure to bring your fully charged mobile device to participate

About Balaji:
Balaji’s role at his company is to drive strategic decisions based on data and intel. He started his career as a systems programmer and gradually wore multiple hats in IT department before taking focus on Business Development, Strategy and Business Intelligence. He has Masters degrees in Business Administration, Engineering, Analytics that allows him to see things in different perspective.

Zero to Snowflake

Michael Treadwell, Data Engineering Lead Interworks

Snowflake is the only data warehouse built for the cloud for all your data & all your users: a purpose-built SQL cloud data warehouse. Conventional data warehouses weren’t designed to keep up with the exploding demand for data-driven insight. They are complex, costly and inflexible systems that have become obstacles rather than solutions. We’ll show you how Snowflake lets you enable all your business users without eroding performance; scale up, down and out with instant elasticity, and immediately provision unlimited and isolated workloads.

About Michael:
Michael is a graduate of the LSU MSA program and currently leads a team of data engineers at InterWorks, a data consultancy.

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