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February Meeting of Baton Rouge Analytics and Intelligence Network

BRAIN’s mission is to help its members and businesses in the Baton Rouge area, by providing a platform to network and share expertise in the areas of Analytics, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. BRAIN is for both technical and business users - any and all who are interested in business analytics, data visualization, modeling, Artificial Intelligence, traditional business intelligence, and everything in between. You may bring in your BI problems and we'll add it to the queue and discuss as time allows after the presentations are over.

Getting Data with Python!

Knox Hutchinson, Director of IS LSU Foundation

A big part to working with data in Python is, well, getting data! But data comes in all different shapes and sizes, as well as from different sources. Data can live in Excel spreadsheets, relational databases, or even accessible via APIs. In this talk, Knox will break down the libraries needed to access and import your data.

About Knox:
Knox is a DevOps, Cloud Architect, and Business Intelligence Trainer with CBT Nuggets as well as serving as the Director of I.S. for the LSU Foundation. He enjoys learning, experimenting, and recording for his YouTube channel, Data Knox.

The User Experience of Machine Learning

Hauwa Aguillard, UX designer Revelry Labs

A presentation around understanding how we can use Ux design principles/processes to reduce some of the fears, confusion, and learning curve around Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and how the end users are at the center of our tech savvy world.

About Hauwa :
Hauwa lives in Baton Rouge and works as a User Experience Designer at Revelry Lab. Started out as a Data scientist after graduating with a Masters in Computer Science but soon realized that her passion lies in UX design. She is fascinated with human psychology and how it inspires our use of technology. When she is not designing, she makes fun YouTube videos to keep her creative juices flowing.

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